7 Best Seoul Boutique Hotels in Great Neighborhoods

This list features Seoul boutique hotels with gorgeous views, in-house bars and restaurants, and a general feeling of ease and comfort.

Seoul’s boutique hotels reflect the modernity and style of this fast-paced city. The living spaces are clean, comfortable, and convenient.

Glad Live Gangnam Seoul is exciting for a number of reasons. The rooms at this hotel are stylish and comfortable. The on-site restaurants and cafes are excellent.

Glad Live Gangnam


This trendy Seoul hotel is the perfect place to stay if Myeongdong is part of your Seoul itinerary. You can simply step outside and head to Seoul’s most iconic shopping street.

L7 Hotel Myeongdong


This no kids-zone is designed to create a relaxing, recharging experience for every guest at this Seoul South Korea hotel.

Walkerhill Douglas House


If you’re wanting to fit a lot of sightseeing into your South Korea vacation, and come home to comfort and good food, Shilla Stay Seoul is a great option.

Shilla Stay Gwanghwamun


The en-suite bathrooms at the Boutique Hotel Loft Seoul feature a round tub. Some room options have hot tubs if you want to kick it up a notch.

Boutique Hotel Loft


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