5 Best Things to do in Bogota in 24 Hours

As I had to fly out of Bogota at 6 am in the morning I decided to arrive in the morning the day before and check the main Bogota Colombia activities.

Not only am I glad that I did I wish I had had more time to explore the Bogota tourist attractions. Here are my best things to do in Bogota Colombia in 24 hours:

This Bogota tour meets in front of the Gold Museum and runs twice a day in English. There is also a free food tour which runs once a day.

Free City Walking Guided Tour


Museo Botero also has quite a few of his amazing sculptures, a brilliant gift shop (Botero souvenirs make for great Colombian presents), and a lovely garden in the middle.

Museo Botero


There is even a 3 story shopping mall that is full of jewelry shops devoted to emeralds.

Shop for Emeralds


This lovely little Bogota café is exactly the kind of place you want to go for a delicious local lunch.

Enjoy the Cuisine


From most points of Bogota, you can see a stunning-looking white church at the top of a mountain. This is Cerro de Monserrate.



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