5 Best Places to Stay in Melbourne for Boutique Hotel Lovers

When it comes to the best place to stay in Melbourne, of course, the answer depends on what type of things you like to do and experience.

So I’m going to tell you about the five best areas to stay in Melbourne and what they’re like so you can make a judgment call.

St Kilda is an iconic Melbourne inner-city suburb. You will most likely have seen images of the very well-known St Kilda beach and St Kilda Pier in magazines or newspapers.

St Kilda


Prahran and Windsor are both slightly edgier (but still very safe) neighborhoods in Melbourne – and only a short drive north of St Kilda.

Prahran & Windsor


Fitzroy is one of Melbourne’s most eclectic and interesting suburbs and it sits next to Carlton, definitely one of Melbourne’s loveliest inner-city suburbs.

 Carlton & Fitzroy


South Melbourne is one of Melbourne’s oldest suburbs and it features wide leafy streets and a relaxed pace.

South Melbourne


The center of Melbourne is referred to as the CBD or the Central Business District.

Central Business District (CBD)


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