29 Most Developing Countries in the World | The Ones To Watch

In terms of global economics, a developing country is generally considered to have a smaller economy than giant industrial nations.

Here are 29 developing countries that are showing great potential.

Bangladesh is now among the top 40 biggest economies in the world. This has been driven by a robust financial sector, making it the big story of the Indian subcontinent in the 21st century.



Tourism has returned with a vengeance to Barbados, a seemingly eternal popular draw for holidaymakers in the West Indies. Projections for the past year or two have been off the charts.



Benin’s key trading partner is Nigeria, the most populous nation on the continent. That bodes well for Benin, as transportation services and agriculture form most of its economic drivers.



Bhutan has focused on reducing its poverty levels, which were extreme at one point. It does face unique challenges due to its geography and location between India and China.



Burkina Faso was a near-fairy tale with its recovery after the pandemic year of 2020. It bounced back to an impressive 6.2% growth, driven mainly by massive service sector efforts.

Burkina Faso


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