29 Most Dangerous Airports in the World You Need to Know About

While air travel has come a long way in providing a safe and hazard-free experience, various airport conditions can unpredictably rock the boat. Are your seats in an upright position?

Brace yourself as we take you on a journey through the top airports with an ongoing reputation for serving up a bumpy plane ride or airport experience.

From earthquakes to its close proximity to sea level, this plane hub can experience a lot of delays when natural disasters strike.

Kansai International Airport (Japan)


This airport experiences an extensive number of flight cancellations, as high winds and a runway covered by seawater are not ideal conditions to land in.

Barra International Airport (Scotland)


New Zealand airfield is not for the faint-hearted fliers due to its turbulence during flights and bumpy landings.

Wellington International Airport (New Zealand)


The runway of this airport is quite a tight space for planes to land, which leaves little room for error from pilots.

Princess Juliana International Airport  (Saint Martin)


With a short runway to land and a high altitude, you’re in for a treacherous treat at Lukla  (also known as Tenzing-Hillary Airport).

Lukla Airport (Nepal)


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