29 Most Beautiful Cities in US | How Many Have You Visited?

All of these cities have much to offer. However, in the interest of brevity and the theme of this post I have chosen to focus on some of their most beautiful attractions.

Here is my view on the 29 most beautiful cities in the USA.

Philadelphia spends a lot on art – or it has a lot spent on art through required expenditure levels by developers.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


The city is home to some beautiful architecture, a lovely waterfront park for strolling and it is close to beaches.

Charleston, South Carolina


Savannah is an historic city. Lovely Forsyth Park is in the historic district and dates back to the 1840s. Don’t miss its famous fountain and a walk through the fragrant garden.

Savannah, Georgia


San Diego boasts near perfect weather all year round plus an amazing 70 miles of beautiful coastline. The city offers urban, coastal and inland neighborhoods.

San Diego, California


Annapolis is Maryland’s capital city and sits on Chesapeake Bay. The city is known as the Sailing Capital of the USA and is the home of the US Naval Academy.

Annapolis Maryland


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