29 Interesting Facts about Germany Most People Don’t Know

Here are 29 Interesting Facts about Germany you might not know.

Germany is the 5th largest economy in the world, the most populous country in Europe, and plays a central role in the European Union.

The goal of the European Union is to facilitate the free movement of goods and people throughout Europe.

Over 80 Million People Live in Germany


The Germanic tribes in this area gained power over time and eventually took land from the Roman Empire as it declined from 200 – 400 AD.

Germans Didn’t Name Germany; Romans Did in 100 AD


Germany is proving its new role as a global citizen by leading the way in using environmentally friendly ways of generating energy. Germany is going green!

Germany Is Going Green


The Nazi’s crimes began as segregation against Jews, other minorities, and political dissidents, and ended to kill all the Jews in Europe.

Adolf Hitler and Germany Killed Over 10 Million Civilians


The German people were ready for a change after suffering heavy losses in a war that was fought for a monarchy.

More than 2 Million German Soldiers Died in World War 1


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