29 Eye-Catching American Bridges You'll Want to Cross

Check out the list here, and be sure not to miss any of these wonders if you are in the area.

Let’s take a look at some of the most magnificent bridges in America. All of these are worth adding to your trip itinerary. Or, if you live nearby, visit one of these spots.

This spectacular red bridge is picture-perfect and fittingly used as the backdrop for many San Francisco postcards.

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California


The Brooklyn Bridge really is something to look at. Gothic towers with double arches and crisscross steel cables stretch across the bridge.

Brooklyn Bridge, New York City, New York


The longest bridge in the Florida Keys became a breeze to drive over, with enough space to stop and take in the views. This is one of the most famous bridges in the US.

Seven Mile Bridge, Florida


You’ll enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding natural beauty around you.

Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado


This bridge sees many road trippers and tourists stopping for the perfect shot, especially for a Californian sunset.

Bixby Creek Bridge, California


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