27 Spectacular Australian Landmarks You’ll Want to See

Australia is well known for its spectacular natural scenery – from perfect white beaches to spectacular coral reefs to cool rainforests to majestic views.

So here are my 27 Australian Landmarks that you absolutely shouldn’t miss when you visit my spectacular homeland.

One of the 20th century’s most iconic buildings it first opened in 1973 and is a must for any Sydney Itinerary.

Sydney Opera House New South Wales


This famous steel bridge first opened in 1932. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is nicknamed the coathanger due to its distinctive shape.

Sydney Harbour Bridge New South Wales


This station serves metropolitan Melbourne – if you want to take a train outside of Melbourne you’ll need to head down the road to Spencer Street.

Flinders Street Station Victoria


Cradle Mountain is the 6th highest mountain in Tasmania and is located in the northwest of the island in Lake St Clair National Park.

Cradle Mountain Tasmania


At 2,228 metres Mount Kosciuszko Australia’s highest mountain. And it is at the heart of the little-discussed ski fields of Australia. Yes, it does snow in Australia.

Mount Kosciuszko New South Wales


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