23 Great Things to Do in San Sebastian Spain with Best Pintxos

San Sebastian, located in Spain’s Basque Country, is a stunning coastal city that offers a wide range of activities and attractions for visitors.

So here are some interesting things to do in San Sebastian when the pintxos bars are closed and then which pintxos bars to go to and what to eat when you get there!

Mount Igueldo is a hill/mountain that overlooks the city of San Sebastian and offers stunning panoramic views of the surrounding area.

Visit Mount Igueldo


There are two main beaches in San Sebastian and they are next to each other: La Concha and Ondarreta.

Head to the Beach


Start your mountain walk from the Telmo museum. It is clearly signed and easy to find. The walk takes about 20 minutes.

Walk up Monte Urgull


This 18th-century baroque church is in the middle of San Sebastian’s old town. It has many beautiful features including arches, clocks and a bell tower.

Admire Basilica Santa Maria Del Coro


This beautiful palace was the summer residence of the Spanish Royal Family for many years. It was built by an English architect in the Tudor style and opened in 1893.

Miramar Royal Palace


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