21 Highest Bridges in the United States (2023)

While beautiful from afar, these bridges offer impressive sights from atop. You can’t help but marvel at these tremendous feats of engineering and architecture.

Here are the 21 highest bridges in the U.S.A. You’re bound to be amazed by the sheer magnificence of each one.

America got its highest suspension bridge at 956 feet above Royal Gorge’s floor in 1929.

Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado


At 890 feet over the Colorado River, it is the world’s highest concrete arch bridge and America’s second-highest.

Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge, Arizona / Nevada


Standing 876 feet high, 3,030 feet long, with a 1,700-foot long steel arch, this bridge was designed by Michael Baker Company and cost $37 million to construct.

New River Gorge Bridge, West Virginia


The construction of this 2,428 feet long bridge took an estimated $13 million.

Foresthill Bridge, California


A unique, horseshoe-shaped bridge standing 720 feet high and 70 feet wide, the Grand Canyon Skywalk is all things mind-blowing.

Grand Canyon Skywalk, Arizona


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