20 Best Gran Canaria Excursions

There is a multitude of Gran Canaria excursions and day trips on offer. No wonder this island is marketed as a “miniature continent” with the breadth of variety on offer.

As Gran Canaria is not that big no matter where you are based you should be able to experience any and all of the following Gran Canaria tours.

The dunes literally start from the beach. They are across 1000 acres and as it is rather hot on them some kind of tour is a great idea to give a feel for the dunes.

Experience the Dunes


The capital Las Palmas has an atmospheric old quarter called Vegeuta. The buildings of this area have been standing for nearly five centuries.

Sightseeing and Culture Tours in Gran Canaria


As you would expect there are loads of boat trips on offer all over Gran Canaria.

Gran Canaria Boat Trips


There is a huge range of water activities on offer in Gran Canaria. The consistent weather means it is a great place to try some activities you may not have before.

Learn some Water Activities


One of my favourite Gran Canaria experiences was the walk up to the base of Roque Nublo (1813m).

Explore the Outdoors


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