15 Wineries in Charlottesville Va You’ll Love 

Did you know that Virginia has one of the most exciting and innovative wine scenes in the world today? I didn’t either until I visited lovely Charlottesville and its Monticello Wine Trail.

Of course there is more to Charlottesville than wine. I will take you through 15 fantastic Charlottesville wineries (in no particular order) and then cover some other kind of non wine things to do.

Michael Shaps is one of the best known names in the Virginia wine industry.

Michael Shaps


The winery is best known for its Bordeaux style blends, Viognier and Petit Verdot. Jefferson was the first winery in Charlottesville to make a single varietal Petit Verdot.

Jefferson Vineyards


The beautiful Pippin Hill has a wonderful location on top of a hill with sweeping views across their vineyards and the local area.

Pippin Hill Farm and Vineyard


Loving Cup is the only certified organic vineyard and winery in Virginia and has been so for ten years. It’s a very relaxed and comfortable winery with lots of outdoor seating.

Loving Cup


Wisdom Oak is one of the hottest wineries in town after winning the Monticello Cup and being included in the Governor’s Case in the same year.

Wisdom Oak Winery


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