15 Outstanding Castles in Ohio You Must Visit at Least Once

Some of these castles are true fairytale material, set on large estates and overlooking the surrounding land. Others are smaller, less intrusive, but still notable buildings.

If you’re traveling through the charming USA states in search of adventure and memories, here’s our list of must-see castles in Ohio.

Today, the ‘castle’ belongs to Cleveland Metroparks and the building has essentially been gutted.

Squire’s Castle


Today, the building is operated as a B&B by GreatStone Castle Resorts. So you can book yourself a room and enjoy a night or two in a castle!

Great Stone Castle (Whitby Mansion)


Today, the mansion – which has more than twenty rooms over four stories – is a private family dwelling, so no public access is allowed.

Franklin Castle


For many years, the castle – with its three stories and towers, intricate woodwork, and painted ceilings – served as nothing more than a home for Donn and his family.



Mac-A-Cheek is a little more secluded and smaller than its neighbor. The castle is just as brilliantly designed, however, and tours are open here too.



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