15 Most Dangerous Cities in the USA (2023)

Read along so that you can stay safe when visiting the most beautiful states in the U.S.

Here are the 15 most dangerous cities in the US.

Detroit is consistently ranked high on violent city lists, as its population of over 600 000 residents sees about 22 crimes per day.

Detroit, Michigan


This is because while the national crime average is 22.7 per 100 000 people, Monroe is at 95.2 incidents per 100 000 people annually. 

Monroe, Louisiana


While its nightlife is wild, it’s best to be aware of your safety as its crime rate is one of the highest in the country.

Memphis, Tennessee


Its crime rate stands at about 1,504 incidents per 100 000 people, with its violent crime rate being almost triple the national average.

Springfield, Missouri


The city is the most dangerous USA city to live in as it has a significant problem with violent crimes. It also has the highest murder rate in the country, at about 60% in 2022.

St Louis, Missouri


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