15 Beautiful Bridges in Rome you Must Cross

The river has long been the main source for Rome and of the many fountains Rome. It has also been used for bathing and fishing over the year.

Here are 15 bridges in Rome you’ll want to cross.

Pont Milvio has undergone many repairs and restorations over the years. This roman bridge was intentionally damaged by Giuseppe Garibaldi’s Army to prevent advances by the French.

Pont Milvio


This is Rome’s oldest intact bridge. Pont Fabricio was built in 62BC by Lucius Fabricius. This bridge in Rome has also been known to two other names.

Ponte Fabricio


Architect Baccio Pontelli created Ponte Sisto using the foundations of the Pons Aurelius which had been destroyed in the Middle Ages.

Ponte Sisto


This roman bridge was built between 62 and 27 BC and is the second oldest bridge in Rome. Ponte Cestio was rebuilt in the 4th century and between 1888 and 1892.

Ponte Cestio


The bridge was also used by pilgrims on their way to St Peter’s Basilica.

Ponte Sant’Angelo (St Angelo Bridge or Bridge of Angels)


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