14 Fantastic Things to Do in Rimini That You’ll Love 

Rimini has long been famous for its long stretches of golden sands and location on the Adriatic sea. However, the big surprise for me of Rimini was its absolutely charming old town.

The beaches are still lovely but should be combined with the Rimini old town and plus some of the neighboring towns when it comes to the best things to do in Rimini.

The Ponte di Tiberio was one of the highlights of my Rimini sightseeing. This beautiful bridge was constructed in 20 BC and is still in perfect condition.

Ponte di Tiberio


This village or neighborhood of Rimini in Italy was founded are the year 1000 and was the old fisherman district.

Borgo San Giuliano


The street art of Rimini is inspired by the films of Fellini! Apparently the first murals appeared in 1980 during a festival.

Fellini Inspired Street Art


Federico Fellini watched his first-ever film at Cinema Fulgor when he was 5 years old. As a young man, he began to design beautiful posters for the films on show at Cinema Fulgor.

Cinema Fulgor


Piazza Tre Martiri is at the heart of Rimini and is one of its most popular spots. The square has a mix of historic and modern buildings.

The Piazzas of Rimini Old Town


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