14 Best Things to do in Calistoga California for Grown-Ups

There are loads of fun things to do in Calistoga California. Calistoga Napa Valley is a super cute small town in California.

Here are 14 fantastic things to do in Calistoga California!

Lots of healthy options like egg-white omelets, grapefruit and avocado and crab etc as well as delicious pastries and some brilliant pancakes.

Eat at Solbar Solage


Solage is a lovely property that is quite spread out so there is a feeling of intimacy despite the size.

Stay at Solage Calistoga


We were able to do our tasting whilst sitting outside – such a treat being brought glasses of delicious wines for a Calistoga wine tasting whilst relaxing outside.

Hit the Calistoga Wineries


The film to watch when tasting wine in California is Sideways. Download it before you leave home or if you are staying at Solage you can borrow it and watch in on dvd in your room.

Watch Sideways


We enjoyed a decent three-course meal on the Napa Valley wine train with some great wine flights. The highlight though was the actual experience.

Take the Wine Train


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