13 Unusual London Experiences You Won't Forget

I have lived in London for just over 17 years now and have tried most tourism experiences from the very well known to the rather esoteric.

If you are looking for some unusual experiences in London as a tourist or as a local here is my list of 13 unique things to do in London that you are unlikely to forget.

This London Loo tour also covers old Loo’s with new uses. Several of the older underground public bathrooms have now been changed into coffee shops and bars.

Go on a London Loo Tour


For a cost of £120 guests receive four gin-based cocktails, a bottle of personalised gin and a bottle of Portobello Road Gin fantastic value for money.  

Make Your Own London Gin


What makes this London museum so unique is that it has been designed for all of your senses.

Go Back in Time to the 18th Century


If you want to experience afternoon tea but are looking for something different then the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party is for you.

Attend a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party


The railway opened in 1927. Although it was designed for mail rather than people the stations actually resembled tube stations as did the sounds.

Travel under London with Mail Rail


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