13 Amazing Things to Do on Paxos Greece

Paxos Island Greece is 10km long and 4km wide and filled with olive groves, crystal clear water, dry stone walls, beautiful Paxos beaches, farmhouses and fantastic food.

Here are the best things to do on Paxos, Greece.

Tripitos arch is located on the south-west coast of Paxos. It is a natural rock arch that is over 20 meters high at its peak. It is stunning.

Tripitos Arch


Ben’s Bar is over quite a large area so there are several different places to hang out. Go for the classic sun lounger with service on the deck or on the beach.

Ben’s Bar


Little Antipaxos is 2km south of Paxos and covered with grapevines from which slightly questionable wine is produced. There are two beaches on the island – Vrika and Voutoumi.

Antipaxos Greece


Gaios is the very charming and insta friendly capital of Paxos. There is a super cute pink church on the harbour in the main square and loads of cute taverns.



A Paxos boat trip is also a chance to see all of the island’s beaches so you can figure out which ones you want to go back to and photograph them from the water.

Boat Trip Around the island


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