12 Best Castles in Florida You Need to See for Yourself

You’ll be blown away at the sight of these spectacular castles in Florida state. While these are not nearly as old as the incredible castles in Europe, each is special.

From the gothic-style windows, fairytale stories, and Spanish-inspired palaces, you’ll be delighted to set off on your adventure visiting the best castles in Florida.

The Castle Otttis was built in 1988 with a landscape-sculpture style reminiscent of Irish castles from many centuries ago.

Castle Otttis, St Augustine


Fort Jefferson is located in the Dry Tortugas National Park and is the largest masonry fortification in the United States.

Fort Jefferson, Key West


This gleaming castle stands proudly in a remote area of Florida’s Ona. It served as the home, gallery, and workshop of the late artist Howard Solomon.

Solomon’s Castle, Rural Ona


A 9-ton gate that moves with the slightest touch is an excellent example of the bewildering nature of this castle. You’ll even notice rocking chairs made entirely of stone.

Coral Castle, Homestead


Spending a night in the hotel’s King Suite is an experience shared with notable figures in history like F. Scott Fitzgerald and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Loews Don Cesar Hotel, St Pete Beach


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