11 Interesting Things to Do in Orvieto Italy (2023) You’ll Love

Its history spans the centuries from the Estruscans to the Romans to the medieval period. The town is full of historic cities, a jaw-dropping cathedral, shopping and great food.

Here are 11 interesting things to do in and around Orvieto Italy.

The detail and freshness of the facade are extraordinary. Try to visit the Duomo around sunset, as the light causes the church to take on a pinky/coral tone.

Visit Orvieto Duomo


The palace was the seat of the city’s government and housed the courts, the prison, and the grain market. It is not open to the general public but you can admire its exterior.

See Palazzo Del Popolo


Over the years, these caves have been used for everything from storing wine and food to providing shelter from bombs in World War Two.

Explore Orvieto Underground


Orvieto is in prime wine-making country and best known for its crisp white wine.

Visit a Local Winery and Enjoy Some Orvieto Classico


Orvieto is filled with cute and quirky shops, most of which appear to be independent.

Go Shopping


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