10 Warmest US States in Winter You’ll Love

Buckle up and enjoy the virtual ride through America’s warmest US states in winter.

If winter makes you wish for sunny days, sandy beaches, and sunbathing, you’re at the right place. Let’s explore the warmest US states in winter for your next vacation.

If you’re looking for a warm vacation spot for the winter, look no further than the capital of Arizona, Tucson.



The central and south California coasts have enjoyable temperatures all year round. So, consider California if you’re searching for a location for your winter getaway.



Georgia has a better climate than most states, including Florida. Therefore, if you prefer pleasant weather during winter, consider Georgia.



In Florida, the average high temperatures during the winter months range from 62°F to 76°F (17-25°C). And these cities have between 45 and 50 inches of rain annually.



Nevada has hot and wet summers and short and cold but still pleasant winters. It’s also partly cloudy all year round in Nevada.



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