You'll Love These 37 Best Places to Visit in Mexico

I’ve highlighted the best destinations for an unforgettable trip. From resort towns to natural attractions, you can find them all here.

Whether you’re looking to visit a breathtaking beach vacation spot or explore a historic city, you’ll find a variety of diverse destinations in Mexico. Here are the top spots that you should visit.

If you’re a culture-loving adventurer looking for an affordable trip, visiting this capital city would be perfect for you.

Mexico City


This ancient city boasts well-preserved Mayan ruins and beautiful white sand shores with turquoise waters.



This resort city is situated on the southern tip of the stunning Baja California Peninsula. Here you’ll come across several beautiful beaches and scuba diving locations.

Cabo San Lucas


This unspoiled city is home to plenty of captivating old architecture. Here you’ll also come across several weekly markets, colourful fiestas, and a vibrant art scene.



If you’re looking for a destination that’s rich in biodiversity and cultural history, the Copper Canyon is certainly worth visiting.

Copper Canyon


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