What is France Famous For?  33 French Icons

The country has featured heavily in some of the world’s best-loved literature, films, plays, and television so its culture and characters can be familiar even to those yet to visit.

France is famous for many things – here are 33 of the most iconic.

The Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris was initially erected in the 14th-century to honour the Virgin Mary.

Notre Dame Cathedral


Winning awards at Cannes can result in amazing success for films – and its red carpet and paparazzi turn actors and actresses into stars.

Cannes Film Festival


Is there anything more French than a croissant? It is believed that croissants originated in Austria and that they were brought to France by Marie Antoinette.



This impressive landmark was first erected in 708 and was one of the first monuments first inscribed as a Unesco World Heritage site in 1979.

Mont Saint Michel


Undeniably the most iconic structure in France and the by far, the most photographed, the Eiffel Tower.

The Eiffel Tower


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