Virgin Atlantic Upper Class Review (2023) Is it Worth It?

I had flown Virgin Atlantic Upper Class about ten years ago in my pre-travel blogging days. I remembered it as a positive experience – particularly as I got fun pajamas and there was a bar.

Here is my Virgin Atlantic Upper Class Review, including how it compares with the airline’s premium economy offer and how it compares with business class on similar airlines.

Even better, it has its own elevator, which takes Upper-Class passengers up to security, where Virgin Atlantic Upper Class has its own security area.

Check-In at Heathrow


The clubhouse is big – much bigger than the average airline business class lounge.

Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse at Heathrow Terminal 3


The configuration of the upper-class cabin is quite unique in the world of business-class cabins.

Virgin Atlantic Upper Class Cabin


There is quite a bit of seat size variation across the different Virgin Atlantic fleet planes.



The drinks offered on Virgin Atlantic Upper Class are excellent. They not only had French champagne (Champagne Chanoine Freres Reserve Privee Brut NV).

Food and Drinks


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