Top 7 Must-Do Fall Activities In Rochester New York

Fall is one of those seasons with little haters and many lovers—almost everyone enjoys this season!

Here are the seven best activities in Rochester this fall—from watching fascinating fall foliage to enjoying the most fun Halloween activities and everything in between!

In this beautiful fall phenomenon, the green leaves of many deciduous shrubs and trees turn into different fascinating colors of orange, yellow, brown, red, and purple.

See the Fall Foliage


The primary driver of fall migration is the need to survive these birds look for locations with food supplies to survive.

Watch the Fall Migration


There are many outstanding vistas to feast your eyes on while driving choose any slow road that leaves Rochester and explore the beauty of the fall with your loved ones.

Fall Sky Ride


Apple picking just has to be on your fall’s to-do list—it’s one of the most fun activities you can do with your loved ones that may turn into a family tradition!

Apple Picking


Fall is a perfect season for hiking it’s not too cold or too hot, and you can enjoy the fascinating views of fall foliage during the hike.



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