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16 Fantastic Things to do in Grenoble You’ll Love

Lovely little Grenoble is the gateway town into the French Alpes in the south east of France. It is small but it is packed with charm and fantastic things to do.

Here are the 16 best things to do in Grenoble.

French author Marie-Henri Beyle was born in Grenoble. One of the delights of Grenoble is to wander its streets and literally see a rather spectacular mountain at the end of each one.

 Admire the Mountain Views


The old town is completely pedestrianised and best explored on foot. There are many small and winding streets filled with beautiful boutiques, cute cafes and stylish restaurants.

Explore the Old Town


Grenoble Fine Arts Museum is home to over 900 works of art both ancient and contemporary. The interior of the building is light and airy and has been cleverly designed to maximise sunlight.

Visit the Grenoble Fine Arts Museum


The museum was built on the remains of a necropolis which contained over 1,500 graves. It was deconsecrated in 1983 to become an archeological site and then a museum.

Grenoble Archeological Museum


It is a small district filled with narrow houses with red tiled rooftops that have been by the banks of the Isere river since the 3rd century.

Explore the Saint Laurent neighborhood


Grenoble’s cable car links the centre of the city with the Bastille fortress. The cable car or bubble as it is known locally has been in operation since 1934.

Take a Ride on the Grenoble Cable Car


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