The 9 Best Wolfville Wineries You Shouldn't Miss

One of the centres of the Canadian wine industry is the lovely Annapolis Valley and the town of Wolfville Nova Scotia.

Here is my Ultimate Travel story for the wineries of Wolfville.

The property and surrounding area are absolutely stunning. Guided tours of the property are offered twice a day between May and October.

Domaine de Grand Pre


Lightfoot and Wolfville is Nova Scotia’s newest winery and it is stunning! The building is the perfect mix of classic farmhouse and modern architecture.

Lightfoot and Wolfville Wines


Lucketts Winery sits on a hill with stunning views over the Gaspereau Valley.

Luckett Vineyards


L’Acadie is the Nova Scotia’s premier producer of sparkling wines. They only do bubbles. They also have a sparkling rose as well as a cider.

L’Acadie Vineyards


Gaspereau Vineyards Wolfville has a lovely outdoor seating area with fantastic views where you can sip and enjoy charcuterie.

Gaspereau Vineyards


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