The 32 Best Places to Visit in the Bay Area

Reaching across America’s West Coast, San Francisco’s Bay Area provides stunning views and top-tier cuisine from various vibrant cultures to tantalise your tastebuds.

Take your time looking over the list down here to discover your favourite San Francisco Bay Area spots.

If you are in need of some fresh air and breathtaking views, then Port Costa is certainly the perfect escape.

Port Costa


Take your time soaking up the magnificent views while marvelling at the engineering feat that is this bridge.

Golden Gate Bridge


Sonoma is ideal for wine lovers on the hunt for a picturesque adventure and some delectable vino.

Sonoma County


Allow your meal to settle while you embark on a mural-viewing walk along Rue de Merde and get the opportunity to explore more of this vibrant town.



This farm was conceptualised by farmers who wanted to give people the option to experience and learn more about farming and agricultural practices.

Sonoma Farm Trails


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