Solage Spa And Hotel Review Calistoga

Solage Spa and Hotel Calistoga generally receives rave reviews as one of the top spas in Calistoga for good reason – this luxury spa is a stunning place to eat and to stay.

Solage Napa is the type of place where you could quite feasibly not leave whilst staying and have a fantastic time!

To get from San Francisco to the Napa Valley and Solage there are several options. I personally think the easiest option is to take an Uber from San Francisco.

Getting to Solage Spa Calistoga


The resort itself offers loads to do in terms of classes, spa treatments, cycling, the pool etc.

Planning Your Trip to Solage Spa


Hot springs plus volcanic action needs mud spa and most well-known place for this in california is the mud bath Calistoga. The mud spa offers here are said to be the best.

Calistoga Spa Hot Springs


Solage is a very very nice spa. It is a big area filled with stunning white couches.

The Solage Calistoga Spa


The queen studio at Solage is very roomy – no climbing over each other’s things – and bigger than most rooms at similar hotels.

Solage Napa Rooms


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