Ockenden Manor Spa And Hotel Review

When I visited Ockenden Manor Spa I had been at Kamalaya in Koh Samui only 3 weeks earlier. They are very different spa experiences – particularly when it comes to service.

But Ockenden Manor Cuckfield was lovely in a uniquely English way – anyway here is my complete review.

Ockenden Manor Cuckfield West Sussex is a lovely old hotel – so cozy. There are stunning fresh flowers everywhere.

Ockenden Manor Spa And Hotel


Go for a walk. Ockenden Manor has a brilliant folder with about 20 different walks. The walks vary in length from 30 minutes to 5 hours.

Ockenden Manor Hotel And Spa: Things to Do


My favorite thing about the Ockenden Manor wine list was that they had 3 local sparkling wines on offer. Sussex is a great area for English sparklings.

Ockenden Manor: Food and Drinks


It was quite spacious and yet so cozy. We had two super cute little windows with seats underneath.

Ockenden Manor Rooms


The spa is a lovely building and space. It is not huge and we were there in January when it was fully booked. Alas, it did feel a bit full.

Ockenden Manor – The Spa


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