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27 Remarkable Landmarks in Venice you won’t want to Miss

Venice is insanely beautiful. Every step will have you wanting to take out your camera and start snapping. I would recommend taking the time to just walk through this beautiful city and get a bit lost.

You won’t be surprised to read that Venice has a lot of landmarks and they are all rather beautiful and worth your time. So here are the 27 Landmarks in Venice you won’t want to miss.

It was first built in the early 9th century but was rebuilt in 1063 after a fire destroyed it. Outside, you’ll see gorgeous Byzantine architecture. Inside, you can admire intricate mosaics and other relics.

Saint Mark’s Basilica, Venice


This beautiful building is now the Museum of Modern Art in Venice. Palazzo Ca’ Pessaro has been beautifully maintained over the years. Don’t miss the amazing views of the Grand Canal and the interior courtyard.

Palazzo Ca’ Pessaro


This building from the 1700s is also now a museum. Explore the artwork across the lower floors and don’t miss a trip to the attic and some stunning views of Venice.

Palazzo Ca’ Rezzonico


St Mark’s Square is Venice’s main square and the only one with the title of Piazza. A long arcade runs along the north of St Mark’s Square with buildings known as the Procuratie Vecchie or the old procuraracies.

Piazza San Marco (St Mark’s Square)


There are roughly 400 licensed gondoliers in Venice. For centuries the gondola was the main way to get around this water-based city.

The Gondola


This Venetian palace was best known for its collections of antique Greek and Roman artifacts. Palazzo Grimani was opened to the public in 2008 and now often hosts modern art exhibits.

Palazzo Grimani


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