Halifax Farmers Market: Everything You Need to Know

Most Farmers Markets have a requirement that any stallholders must have businesses within a certain number of kilometres of the market itself.

This guarantees a genuinely local experience and the fabulous Halifax Farmers Market was no exception. It is one of the most fun things to do in Halifax.

Halifax Seaport Farmers Market is located on the Halifax Waterfront.

Where is the Halifax Farmers Market?


Halifax Farmers Market is open every day. Monday to Friday Halifax market hours are 10-5.

Halifax Farmers Market Hours


Norbert’s Good Food is a fantastic place to have breakfast at Halifax farmer’s market.

Halifax Farmers Market Breakfast


Quite a few of the best wineries and distillers in Nova Scotia have stalls at the market and you can try and buy.

Wine and Booze at Halifax Seaport Market


Roll on Two Chimney cakes is upstairs at Halifax Seaport Market. This is the first bakery of its kind in Nova Scotia.

Food to go at Halifax Seaport Farmers Market


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