Blue Lagoon Iceland Reviews: The Premium Package

The Blue Lagoon is at the top of the list for most visitors to Iceland. This well-instagrammed Iceland lagoon is very busy for good reason – it offers a unique and immersive experience.

There are quite a few options on the Iceland Blue Lagoon website – but how do you decide which of the Blue Lagoon Iceland prices and packages are right for you when visiting for the first time?

The café at the Blue Lagoon is like a typical sandwich-type café with pre-prepared sandwiches, sushi, drink etc.

Blue Lagoon Iceland Reviews – Blue Lagoon Restaurants


In my opinion, the Blue Lagoon Premium Package definitely provides the best experience at the Blue Lagoon.

Blue Lagoon Spa Review – the Packages


The bar has great skyr smoothies, soft drinks, wine, beer, and prosecco. You are allowed a maximum of 3 alcoholic drinks per wristband.

Blue Lagoon Premium Package – the Experience


I will just review the women’s change facilities at the Blue Lagoon. When you come into the changing area there is a long corridor.

Blue Lagoon Iceland Premium Package – The Facilities


There is a special private area behind the face mask bar. This is where you will meet your masseuse at the appointed time.

Something Special – Blue Lagoon Massage


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