9 Most Beautiful Lakes in Syracuse You Must Visit

This city is close to several beautiful lakes and finger lakes which offer various recreation opportunities.

Here are the nine most beautiful lakes in Syracuse you won’t want to miss.

They are meromictic lakes, meaning they have layers of water that don’t mix, making them an unusual blue-green color.

Green Lakes State Park


Being a lake within a village, Cazenovia Lake offers various paid and free activities, including fishing, swimming, sightseeing, dining, and more.

Cazenovia Lake


It’s a popular destination for fishing, as various species from the river can be found here.

Cross Lake


In contrast to Green Lake, Onondaga Lake is dimictic, meaning that the layers of water mix completely at least once a year.

Onondaga Lake


This lake is a popular fishing destination for yellow perches and wall eye. Other species include freshwater drum, smallmouth bass, northern pike, largemouth bass, tiger muskellunge, etc.

Lake Oneida


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