8 Best Beaches in the Tampa Area 2023 You’ll Love

Are you planning to visit Tampa and looking for the best beaches in the Tampa Area to soak up the sun and enjoy the cool water? The city of Tampa is pretty much surrounded by water.

In this story, I’ll cover the two beaches in Tampa and the closest beaches by car from Tampa. For great water activities in Tampa Bay check out my article on fun things to do in Tampa for adults.

It isn’t a huge beach but there is more than enough space for a decent number of people. The water is known for being quite calm and it has soft, white sand.

Ben T Davis Beach


This quirky little beach is literally to the side of a motorway! It is not a very large beach but it is quite long. I would call it a skinny beach.

Courtney Campbell Causeway Beach


Spanning two miles, its pristine white sand contrasts beautifully with the gentle green waves. It’s frequently ranked among the finest white sand shores in the U.S.

St. Pete Beach


Madeira Beach, with its expansive golden sands and stunning clear blue-green waters, is celebrated as one of the top family-friendly beaches in the U.S.

Madeira Beach


Indian Rocks Beach and Indian Shores have a relaxed, laid-back feel and more stunning white sands and blue-green waters.

Indian Rocks Beach and Indian Shores


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