7 Charming Sardinia Boutique Hotels You Won’t Want to Leave

Sardinia is an island that reveals prehistoric dwellings that you’re sure to encounter. Because of this history, the island boasts a collection of museums and a variety of traditional food.

If you’re looking for luxury in Sardinia, these boutique hotels are both beautiful and comfortable for a short or extended trip to the island.

With creeping vines and blooming flowers crawling up the L’Agnata di De Andre Boutique Hotel, your stay is beautiful on both the outside and inside.

L’Agnata di De André Boutique Hotel


The rooms are well-suited for intimate dinners with your love. They also feature lounges for afternoon reading and a kitchenette for nourishing yourself with a wholesome meal.

Residence La Rosa


L’Essenza Hotel is best suited for travellers keen on being in the heart of a vibrant district. Olbia City Centre is an area that’s popular for cycling.

L’Essenza Hotel


With a fantastic location, luxury living and gorgeous decor, it’s a real treat to be staying at the Boutique Hotel Su Sergenti.

Boutique Hotel Su Sergenti


The pool definitely steals all of the attention. Situated in the centre of the outdoor space, it’s surrounded by plenty of sun loungers and dining areas.

Sandalia Boutique Hotel


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