7 Best Things To Do In Saint Antonin Noble Val

If you are looking for the quintessential French countryside town Saint Antonin Noble Val is it.

This beautiful town has been featured in several films including Charlotte Gray and The Hundred-Foot Journey.

Don’t forget to look up when you explore this beautiful town. There is so much architectural detail in the buildings – carvings of faces and animals.

Look Up!


These canals are man-made. St Antonin Noble Val was the home to several tanneries in medieval times.

Visit the Canals


If you are keen to get on the water the best option is to head for the Aveyron river and hop on a canoe and explore.

Head for the River


The Sunday market in Saint Antonin Noble Val Tarn et Garonne runs every weekend from 9 am-1 pm all year round.

Don’t Miss the Sunday Market


Duck is a specialty of the Tarn et Garonne France region. The market is the perfect place to buy foie gras or many different forms of canard to take home.

Eat some Duck


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