7 Best Places to Visit in South Wales The Valleys

The Valleys region in South Wales has outstanding natural beauty – something for which Wales is known. What is unique about this region is its coal mining past which ended in the 1980s.

Most importantly many of the sites of this region – both old and new – make for some very instagrammable places to visit in South Wales.

When it comes to fun places to visit in South Wales, the place you cannot miss in The Valleys is the Welsh Mining Experience.

The Welsh Mining Experience


Experience 1645 in the beautifully restored Llancaiach Fawr Manor House. The fire is roaring and the table is set.

Visit Llancaiach Fawr Manor


Caerphilly Castle is the largest castle in Wales and the second largest in Britain behind Windsor.

Caerphilly Castle Floodlit


Gellihaf House is an absolutely lovely boutique bed and breakfast that also does a fantastic home-made afternoon tea on the weekends.

Enjoy a Gellihaf House Afternoon Tea


I imagine it must be dramatic in winter and super colorful in Autumn along these roads. There are also loads of cute houses, gates and wider views for great photos.

The Side of the Road


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