6 Gorgeous Waterfalls to Visit in Rochester, New York (2023)

What’s great about these waterfalls is that you can easily access them without going down dark ravines that you can only access by challenging trails.

There are a lot of stunning waterfalls in Rochester New York but here are the top 6 fascinating, must-visit waterfalls there. With that being said, let’s get right into it!

These falls, around 96 feet high, are in the city’s downtown. You’ll be fascinated once you see the view of the waterfall and skyline together.

High Falls


Lower Falls Park allows you to enjoy outstanding vistas of the lower falls.

Lower Falls


The main parking lot’s paved walkway leads to the overlook viewpoint, where you get the most out of Taughannock Falls and witness its incredible views.

Taughannock Falls State Park


This waterfall is one of the best falls in the area if you want a shorter yet fun trip. The trail is short, and it follows the same path both ways.

Densmore Falls


This park is perfect for feeling more connected to nature and enjoying walking, cycling, and hiking trails.

Turning Point Falls


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