5 Day Itinerary Iceland: Hidden Gems and Classics

This Iceland vacation itinerary will lead you around the awe-inspiring coastal cliffs and mythical mountains to discover the most iconic and cherished parts of Iceland.

Let’s explore what a 5-day itinerary for Iceland entails, and the wonders that you’ll unearth along the way.

The Golden Circle tour is Iceland’s most popular day trip. This is generally a full day tour which departs from Reykjavik around 8am and returns at 5pm.

Day 1: The Golden Circle Tour


Drive to the south coast of Reykjavik, where you’ll spot incredible natural attractions and awe-inspiring landscapes.

Day 2: Bláfjöll Country Park and Reykjavik South Coast


On the third day of your itinerary for Iceland, you’ll be venturing out to the quintessential town of Egilsstadir.

Day 3: Egilsstadir & the East Fjords


Try to leave Eglisstadir as early as possible to reach Husavik, and then Akureyri.

Day 4: Husavik & Akureyri


After a good night’s rest in Akureyri, start your morning bright and early, and journey back to Reykjavik.

Day 5: Back to Reykjavik to Explore the City and/or visit the Blue Lagoon


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