5 Best Places To Go Kayaking Near Rochester New York (2023)

Eager to find out the best place to go kayaking near Rochester New York? Rochester is one of the wealthiest cities with waterways.

Keep reading as we break down the top 5 kayaking destinations to practice this thrilling yet serene sport near the city!

Being a tributary of Lake Ontario, the Genesee River flows through the Twin Tiers of NY and PA. The river continues to generate power for Rochester’s downtown.

Genesee River


The Irondequoit Bay and Creek areas comprise most of Ellison Park and have very shallow water. Many species, including beavers and turtles, make you feel more connected to nature.

Ellison Park


Black Creek is accessible from Jefferson Road in the city. The creek is an excellent spot for kayaking, especially for more seasoned kayakers.

Black Creek


Mendon Ponds Park is located ten miles south of Rochester. Its distinctive geology led to its designation as a National Natural Landmark in 1967.

Mendon Ponds Park


The Erie Canal is a fantastic spot to kayak with your friends and family, and it’s technically possible to kayak the entire 300-mile length of the canal.

Erie Canal


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