41 Famous Landmarks in Italy that you’ll Love

This list of famous landmarks in Italy has been put together to ensure you see some of the most spectacular.

Visiting these landmarks will guarantee you a memorable travel experience in Italy.

The Trevi Fountain is located at a junction of three roads and was one of the original sources of water in Ancient Rome.

Trevi Fountain, Rome


The Colosseum was the biggest amphitheater in the world during its time, seating over 70,000 people. The structure was constructed in 70 AD – yes it’s that old.

The Colosseum, Rome


This Renaissance-inspired church is the third-largest in Italy, standing 90 meters wide and 152 meters long.

Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, Florence


This famous landmark in Italy is another must-see sight to put on your list. The Pantheon was first constructed in 27 BC as a temple for the pagan Roman gods.

Pantheon, Rome


Pompeii was once a lively city until Mount Versuvius erupted – covering everything in larvae and turning the city into an archaeological site.

Pompeii, Pompeii


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