39 Top New York Off the Beaten Path Attractions You’ll Love

Nearly 70 million people visit the Big Apple every year, and those who are here as tourists often visit the iconic landmarks.

Let’s take a look at the few lesser-mentioned places to see and things to do in New York!

Famously, one of those structures was used in the wildly popular movie Men in Black.

The Abandoned 1964 World’s Fair


Wasn’t that in Berlin? Yes it was, but when the wall came down, several pieces of it were shipped around the world as gestures of friendship, and to preserve as part of world history.

Berlin Wall


The BLDG 92 museum looks at the history of the Brooklyn Navy Yard on the Brooklyn Waterfront. Today the 300-acre yard serves as a manufacturing hub.



New York’s Russian community is strong, and a large part of that community resides in or around Brighton Beach in Brooklyn.

Brighton Beach


The name says it, the park is located directly under the Brooklyn Bridge, one of the USA’s most iconic bridges.

Brooklyn Bridge Park


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