37 Warm Places to Visit in January in the USA

With the dipping temperature bringing in a dreary feel, you long for a warmer place.

Whether you long for beaches, theme parks, national parks, or resorts, here’s a list of 37 warm places to visit in January in the USA to get you away from the gloomy days.

Phoenix is perfectly pleasant in January when much of the country is freezing. Unfortunately, hotel rates aren’t very pleasant during this time; consider booking early for a reasonable price.



With crisp weather, sunny blue skies, and gorgeous Red Rocks, Sedona is a sight to behold in January.



Sunny Tucson is a blessing in disguise for hiking enthusiasts. The local favorites include Sabino Canyon and Mount Lemmon. For some bird watching, go towards Madera Canyon.



The scenic drives and short walks among the towering cacti make Saguaro National Park a magical destination in January.

Saguaro National Park


Located in the heart of the Sonoran Desert, Scottsdale in January is about as perfect as it gets, with sunny, blue skies.



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