31 Gorgeous Asia Landmarks for your Bucket List

From the many tall towers across the continent to the wonderfully futuristic Gardens by the Bay to reclining Buddhas and even a luxury hotel, there are many extraordinary Asia landmarks.

Here are 31 stunning Asia landmarks to add to your bucket list.

Angkor Wat was built from sandstones and its 15 foot walls protect over 200 acres within the temple. Plus it has a very photogenic moat.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia


The wall crosses nine provinces and the four most recommended sections to visit are around Bejing.

The Great Wall of China


It is well-known as a centre for massage and medicine and a great place to receive a Thai style massage.

Temple of the Reclining Buddha, Thailand


Gardens by the Bay is such a mix of garden meets futuristic design. Most importantly it provides many photo opportunities.

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore


The Taj Mahal was built between 1631 and 1648. Stone masons and artists came from all over India and from as far as Iraq to create the marble building.

Taj Mahal, India


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