29 Must-See Arizona Landmarks

Arizona has many fantastic landmarks that aren’t as well known as the Grand Canyon but in their own way can be just as interesting to visit.

This story covers a mix of natural and man-made landmarks, and the modern as well as the ancient. Here are 29 Arizona Landmarks not to miss.

The biggest canyon in the world (The second biggest is the far less well-known Fish River Canyon in Namibia), more than 6 million people visit the Grand Canyon every year.

Grand Canyon


These waterfalls are 56 meters tall and more than 150 meters wide at high water. Grand Falls has many tiers of water and is quite wide, making for a spectacular sight.

Grand Falls


This beautiful canyon in Sedona is about 19 kilometers long and reaches depths up to 600 meters.

Oak Creek Canyon


The bottom of the crater is covered in a layer of rubble between 210 and 240 meters. The outer side of the crater rises about 45 meters above the surrounding plains.

Meteor Crater


This desert landscape features sandstone buttes up to 300 meters tall and has a slightly surreal appearance. The rocks are surrounded by many miles of shrubs, sand, mesas, and buttes.

Monument Valley


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