29 Most Polluted Cities in the World | Current Rankings

While we’re entering a new age of striving to be more green, sustainable, healthy and environmentally conscious—many major cities haven’t caught up to these standards yet.

Instead, they offer conditions that could be detrimental to the health of any human being. And the most polluted cities often go hand-in-hand with the most dangerous cities in the world too.

Dammam is a city in Saudi Arabia with a population of 1,252,523 people. According to Smart Air, it is also the most polluted city in the world right now.

Dammam, Saudi Arabia


Lahore’s huge population is over 13 million, making it the second-largest city in Pakistan.

Lahore, Pakistan


With terrible air quality and a hot climate all year round, it doesn’t seem like a pleasant city to anyone who is health conscious.

Begusarai, India


The city is overwhelmed with nearly 17 million inhabitants, with plenty living in one of the many slums (over 5000).

Dhaka, Bangladesh


Delhi is a massive metropolitan area and India’s capital territory. This city is notorious for its evergrowing population of 32,066,000 people in 2022.

Delhi, India


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