29 Best Zoos in the United States for a Day of Fun in the Sun

So, for your next adventure in the United States, you can feel good about supporting these zoos without any worries regarding the ethical treatment of animals. Let’s get into it.

In the mood for a fun day in the sun and seeing wildlife up close? Here are some top picks for the best zoos to visit in the US.

More than 1,900 endangered and rare species are cared for and bred here, including critically endangered Brazilian golden lion tamarins and Sumatran orangutans.

Philadelphia Zoo, Pennsylvania


It’s known for its many successful breeding programs and was even awarded National Historic Landmark status for its contributions to US heritage.

Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens, Ohio


The zoo stretches across 265 acres and houses over 10,000 animals, so exploring the entire place in one day is pretty impossible.

Bronx Zoo, New York


The zoo has many claims to fame, but the most noteworthy is its successful breeding of giant pandas, which prevented the species from going extinct.

San Diego Zoo, California


This zoological and botanical park shows off the fauna and flora of the desert while educating the public on the importance of desert conservation.

The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens, California


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